Testimony Tuesdays: Confessions


I have a confession to make…

I possess a critical attitude towards my immediate family. Which consists of my husband and 12 year old daughter. I realize that I have been treating perfect strangers better than I treat them.

I found fault with household chores; (the lack of household chores). Even when I can see that they’ve put in some effort to meet my “expectations”. Yet, if a colleague missed the target on a project. My demeanor and tone comes across as “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

It amazes me, how I can turn my critical eye off and on with strangers. But keep it at 100% with my family.

So today, I recognize that it’s not them; it’s me that need to change.

I purchased a book called “Lord, Change My Attitude”, by James MacDonald. I bought this book over a year ago. I started to read it and conveniently put it on my bookshelf along with a plethora of other books.

Here’s an excerpt about the book: “You can stop the flow of negativity that causes happiness to hemorrhage, and you can start the flow of good attitudes that cause abundant joy to flourish,” MacDonald writes in his refreshing book Lord, Change My Attitude. Attitudes, says author, Pastor James MacDonald, are patterns of thinking that take years to form. While we can’t change our attitudes overnight, we can recognize wrong attitudes and begin working on right attitudes to take their place. Fascinating, isn’t it!

Here’s the Challenge:

Sometimes to change habitual habits you need someone to hold you accountable. I am asking you, the Soul Bite Studio Community to hold me accountable for the next 60 days. They said it takes 30 days to undo a habit.

Every Tuesday, I will write up a synopsis of what I received from each chapter. There’s a total of 10 chapters.

Chapter 1: Replace a Complaining Attitude

Chapter 2: With a Thankful Attitude

Chapter 3: Replace a Covetous Attitude

Chapter 4: With an Attitude of Contentment

Chapter 5: Replace a Critical Attitude

Chapter 6: With an Attitude of Love

Chapter 7: Replace a Doubting Attitude

Chapter 8: With an Attitude of Faith

Chapter 9: Replace a Rebellious Attitude

Chapter 10: With an Attitude of Submission

If you recognize that you too have a “critical attitude” I invite you to join the challenge. You can follow my updates at and on Twitter at

The challenge begins December 22, 2015 – February 23, 2016.

Until next time Soul Bite of Wisdom…