Testimony Tuesday: “Working Loud”!


When we use suggestive body language instead of saying what’s on our mind.

I can remember it like it was yesterday; heck it was yesterday! You know what I am talking about. You’ve asked your partner/significant other a simple request, like bringing home milk. And yes, your request was received and even confirmed. But what you didn’t know was they were listening to “Sports Radio” and got so wrapped up in the highlights that they simply bypassed the store and forgot the milk.

As the front door opens and they come to greet you with a hug and kiss. You noticed there is no bag in hand and you say, “did you bring home the milk?” Like a deer caught in headlights and in mid hug, your body language changes, and the response you get is “I forgot.”

In your mind you are fuming mad, because you’ve asked for a simple request; which was confirmed by the way. And, now all you can think about is the countless times an incident like this has happened in the past.

Instead of saying what’s on your mind, you close in the hug for a quick embrace. While removing yourself, you try to think of something else to cook for dinner. Unfortunately, the partner/significant other does not have any idea that they’ve changed the atmosphere for the evening.

As you make preparation for a new meal, you slam the cabinet doors open, you grab a pot and bring it down hard on the counter. You snatch open the fridge door and grab ingredients. All the while you have an audience of two watching you. Your child and God.

This scenario can be seen throughout many of Americas homes. What ends up happening; you begin to lose the line of communication.

“Working loud”; is a default that is used in lots of relationships that lack communication. You can replace the above scenario with friends, work, etc.

Take back control over “Working loud” and begin to build relationships again. Communication is defined as “the means of connection between people, or places ”. The key in building the bridge comes from the grace of God. Hold steadfast to relinquishing yourself from “working loud” on purpose.

Until next time…