Testimony Tuesday: The Drive To Succeed


What it means to be “driven”?

Driven is an attitude displayed by God’s power that I can do anything.

My story begins in the projects in the late 80’s where “crack” was prevalent. Where friends were more concerned about getting the attention of boys than education; the unfortunate demise of what happens when “drive” lacks; was motherhood too early.

My goal during this era was to get myself out of a desolate situation and into a life where I created my own traditions.

God’s stronghold was all over my heart because of my grandmother’s prayers. He had placed on my heart a drive that was stronger than the negativity thrown at me by family. It was His anointed hands that kept me focused on aspiring outside what I saw on a daily basis.

With that determination, opened doors I could have never imagined.

The point of “driven” is not to give up when you’re faced with a setback. It is the power to get through to the other side. You never know how your “driven story” will inspire a miracle in someone else.

Untill next time…