Testimony Tuesday: Lord Change My Attitude Challenge Series V


Replace a Critical Attitude

It’s not easy to replace a critical attitude if its habitual. In this synopsis. I will share six wrong attitudes that keep us away from God and his promises. It is not my intention to “criticize” you. It is my desire to reprogram your wiring and incorporate a desire to change. Remember, the change will not happen on your own accord. But, with spiritual guidance, fasting and prayer. The change you seek, will materialize right in front of you.

Principle 1

Criticism is Wrong: You don’t have to be Obi-Wan Kenobi to figure this out. But for some of us, we tend to forget that criticism is a sin. We would rather call it a bad habit. But from God’s perspective, what we are doing is dwelling on a perceived fault of another with no view to their good in “sight”.

Principle 2

Criticism is Petty: This second principle is covering up the real “heart” issue that is bothering a person. So they use petty things such as, “he never picks up after himself”, or “why does she always lose my socks”. It is these petty criticisms that hide behind unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. These attacks are not of God’s virtue. They are full of “contrite.”

Principle 3

Criticism is Self-Exalting: Ultimately, criticism inflates the self. It removes the focus off of the person dishing the critique. But when we do this. It’s not honoring God.

Principle 4

Criticism is Painful: A person that is constantly or continually criticized becomes the verbiage you’ve spiel. This constant barge can knock all the confidence and power out of a person’s life.

Principle 5

Criticism is Often Inadvertent: Not every person that criticizes has a wick, unlawful heart. A healthy portion of the critical things that people say are words they would not utter, if they’ve thought twice. People offer utter useless and careless thoughts not for intentional injury, but because they have loose lips. Often not anticipating the damage the missiles they’ve let loose. And alienating the actual people they love.

Principle 6

Criticism Plugs the Flow of God’s Blessing: “Whenever, you are in a critical temper, it is impossible to enter into communion with God.” – Oswald Chambers

The key is to remember we are not here to win people’s approval but God’s. To restore God’s blessing, we need to confess and forsake this wilderness critical attitude, and replace it with a Promised Land attitude.


Lord, thank you for the priceless privilege to worship and live alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you that each one is known and loved by you and has his and her own story of Your grace and goodness in their lives. Lord, I am like them in that you found me in my sin also. And you have shone the light of Christ into my life. Now I am in the process of growing and becoming more like you. Help me along the way to discern the difference between loving, constructive criticism and the kind of criticism that destroys. Help me to think highly and graciously about others. Help me pray for others.


– Page 140 of Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald