Testimony Tuesday: Lord, Change My Attitude Challenge Series III


Replace A Covetous Attitude

The Soul Bite Studio Change My Attitude series continues with Chapter 3 of Lord, Change My Attitude, by James MacDonald.

Here’s some food for thought before we dive into the synopsis:

“We are far more infected with materialism than we realize, and some of the worst victims are the ones who think they’re living in victory.”

What is Covetousness?

According to Mr. MacDonald. Covetousness is a four part definition.

Definition 1. Covetousness is wanting wrong things. For example, Wanting power without reason. Wanting control so “I” can be at the center. Wanting wealth for yourself. Wanting glory and praise from others.

Definition 2. Covetousness is also wanting right things for the wrong reasons. Take for example, the role of spiritual leader. The Bible says that if a man desires the office of an elder, he desires a good thing (1 Timothy 3:1-7). Wanting to be a spiritual leader and make an impact is all good. But, if its for control and power, or personal agenda – that’s covetousness.

Definition 3. Covetousness is also wanting right things at the wrong time. An illustration to drive the point home. A young couple comes in and sit down for premartal couseling. They say, “We love Christ and we love each other. We’re going to get married in three months, but we want to start sleeping with each other now!” They want right things. They want them for the right reasons. But they want them at the wrong time.

Definition 4. Finally, covetousness is wanting right things, but wanting them in the wrong amount. Take for example, money. Money is not a wrong thing; it’s a necessary part of life. But, when I want more money than I need to adequately provide for my family, that is covetousness. You may think more money will make you happy, but you will soon find out. It’s not all the hype.

Covetousness has a powerful stronghold in all of our lives. So much so, that we are immune to its bondage. When we covet something and make it essential – and beg God to give it to us – we are really asking God to replace Himself with something “we” consider more important.

“Be weary of begging for nonessentials from God, because in time you may regret the very thing that you have requested.”

Therefore, I challenge you to open your heart as wide as you know how. And be willing to submit yourself to God’s word.

Nuggets to Reflect on:
1. Am I a covetous person?
2. Am I reaping the consequences of covetousness in my relationship with God?
3. Am I willing to repent?
If you’re brave, share your answer to these questions with us at www.soulbitestudio/blog. Look for the Testimony Tuesday category. You never know how your testimony will make a difference in someone else life.

Lord, in this moment, I want to say thank you for dealing with my heart about covetousness! Lord, my life is racing by so fast; please forgive me for wanting things other than YOU! I repent of covetous attitude this day, and pray that you will cleanse my heart. Teach me what it means to love you above all else. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • Prayer courtesy of James MacDonald, page 98 of Lord, Change My Attitude

  • Questions courtesy of James MacDonald, page 96 of Lord, Change My Attitude