Testimony Tuesday: Lord Change My Attitude Challenge Series II


A Thankful Attitude

Let’s review: chapter one synopsis were about replacing a complaining attitude. Remember, complaining is an attitude choice that if left unchecked will wither my capacity to experience joy and genuine thankfulness. – J. MacDonald.

When you are removing an old habit, you cannot let it sit void for too long.

Chapter 2 Synopsis, is helping us fill the void with A Thankful Attitude. We’re going to put off the old attitude of complaining, and put on the new one of thankfulness.

Do you know the story of Christ and the ten lepers? It was a biblical blessing like the Israelites and the parting of the Red Sea. Christ healed these ten dudes and only one had since enough to come back and say THANK YOU.

Thankfulness is nothing new, but it’s what sets you and I apart.

In the book of Romans 1, Paul made this point on a cosmic scale. He wrote that:

  1. God created the universe.

  2. Within the heart of every human being is an awareness of the reality of God.

  3. Apart from thankfulness, our awareness of God will always be suppressed.

Only when we acknowledge God as the gracious provision of general blessings, like life and breath, food and shelter, do we begin to comprehend our need for God in a personal way and begin to express faith in HIM.

According to Mr. MacDonald. Genuine gratitude or thankfulness must be distinguished from the kind of thanks we are programmed to say as children. For example, Big Mama; Nana; MomMom, etc. offers you a cookie. But, before you can reach a hand out to grab it, your mother is at your side, whispering, “Say thank you.” Or,“Here’s your table sir.” “Thank you.” More coffee, ma’am? “Thanks.” But does it really mean anything?

The kind of life-changing heart attitude that God desires is much deeper than surface verbal gratitude. And this life-changing commitment to dive deep is vital to this series in becoming a better YOU in the new year.

Point One: Thankfulness is a Decision

Thankfulness is a choice that we make.

Point Two: Thankfulness is a Decision Based in Reality

Taking a page from the classic book by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. The story depicts a man shipwrecked for 27 years on a tropical island. In assessing his new environment, Mr. Crusoe devised a list. I would like to share a few of his Thankfulness Decisions Based in Reality.


“I am cast upon a horrible desert island void of all hope of recovery.


“That I am alive and not drowned as all of my ship’s company was.


“I have not clothes to cover me.”


“But I am in a hot climate where, if I had clothes, I could not wear them.


“I have no soul to speak to or relieve me.”


“But God wonderfully sent the ship in near enough to the shore that I have gotten out so many necessary things as will either supply my wants or enable me to supply myself even as long as I live.”

Point Three: Thankfulness is a Life-Changing Decision

When the decision to replace a complaining heart with a thankful heart – it accelerates our gratitude.

Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living!

As we embrace a better You and I for 2016. I want to leave you with three thought provoking questions from the book and a prayer.

Nuggets to Reflect on:

  1. Am I a thankful person?

  2. Am I seeing the blessings of thankfulness in my life?

  3. Am I choosing thankfulness over complaining moment by moment?

If you’re brave, share your answer to these questions with us at www.soulbitestudio/blog. Look for the Testimony Tuesday category. You never know how your testimony will make a difference in someone else life.


God, thank You today for Your word. And thank You for Your Holy Spirit, who pursues me so faithfully and brings Your truth to bear upon my behavior.

Thank You for the life-changing experience of walking with Jesus Christ. Thank You for the assurance of sins forgiven and the promise of eternal life.

  • Prayer courtesy of James MacDonald, page 73 of Lord, Change My Attitude

  • Questions courtesy of James MacDonald, page 72 of Lord, Change My Attitude