Testimony Tuesday: Lord, Change My Attitude Challenge Series


Synopsis: Chapter 1 of Lord, Change My Attitude Series

First, before I can read Chapter One I had to read the introduction of the book. I hysterically laughed out loud. Because I skipped right over the introduction to dive right into to the chapter. But, the author asks the reader to go back to the introductory pages to get a good foundation.

So after I read the intro and chapter one, here’s what I gathered for the Soul Bite Studio Community.

Complaining is an attitude choice that if left unchecked will wither your capacity to experience joy and genuine thankfulness.

There’s a story in the Bible about 12 Israelites who spied out the promise land for Moses. When they returned; 10 of the spies gave a negative report, while only 2 had a faith report of hope. When the people of Israel finally reached the Promise Land… only two were permitted in the land. Everyone else died in the wilderness.

Okay, so how does this ties in with complaining… I am going to share with you now.

The reason, the others died is because throughout their entire time in the wilderness they complained.

Complaining, according to Mr. MacDonald is express resentment over circumstances that are beyond our control and about which we doing nothing.

For example. Instead of the Israelites reflecting on the “goodness” of God’s provision they complained. They complained about, thirst, food and shelter. Forgetting, only moments ago. God brought every person through a parted sea to dry land. Does any of this ring true in your own life… I know it does in mines.

The books state that “We choose our attitudes”! Our own attitude problem is a mirror away from our face. And unless we embrace that the choosing of our attitudes begins with us. We will continue to live a life out in the wilderness… dry and barren.

Remember that our “Attitudes are patterns of thinking formed over a long period of time.” And as such, these are the repetitive behaviors we exhibit when we complain. As I mentioned in the introductory blog of this series. We are challenging ourselves to willing take steps to “choose our attitude.” And make a conscious effort to form new habits.

I found through reading the chapter that complaining is a sin. Some will never put complaining in the “sin” category. But the word “sin” literally means “missing the mark”. So when we complain, we’re missing the mark on the “things” we should be GRATEFUL for. Normally, sin is viewed through the lens of stealing; adultery; covet and the likes. Which is all true, but who knew; there was a caveat to the word sin!

As we embrace a better You and I for 2016. I want to leave you with three thought provoking questions from the book and a prayer.

Nuggets to Reflect on:

  1. Am I a complainer?

  2. Am I reaping the consequences of complaining in my relationship with God? Is that the problem?

  3. Am I willing to repent?

If you’re brave, share your answer to these questions with us at www.soulbitestudio/blog. Look for the Testimony Tuesday category. You never know how your testimony will make a difference in someone else life.


Lord, thank You for the powerful message that You have preserved more than three thousand years.. Thank You for loving me enough to seek me and pursue what is best for my life. As best I know how, I submit my attitudes to You in this moment and pray that You will begin the process of transformation in me. I want the landscape of my life to change. I want to experience the unhindered joy and blessing that You promised to those who will leave wilderness attitudes behind and move into the promised land of attitudes that please You.

Change my attitudes for Your own pleasure, and use the truths in this book, which from from Your Book, to do it, I pray. Do that work in me, oh, God, and being today. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

Prayer courtesy of James MacDonald, page 22 of Lord, Change My Attitude

Questions courtesy of James MacDonald, page 50 of Lord, Change My Attitude.

Until next time Soul Bite of Wisdom…