Testimony Tuesday


The Truth Lies in the Root…

I was driving last week, and as I slowed down to stop at a traffic light the affirmation above popped into my head.

My eyes bulged out of my head at the irony and my body lit on fire from how deep this simple affirmation conveyed.

I begin to look at it from a “nature” perspective… okay, to be quite honest, I thought about a tree.

Many of us know that a tree has many roots. The roots are so deep underneath the earth’s surface. That we forget that the lone tree we stand in front of house… roots that are a few feet away from where we actually stand.

This line of thought got me to thinking that real truth lies in the roots of our heart. We may give our friends/family our superficial surface jargon talk. You know what I’m talking about… (Friend ask) “How’s the family?” (You respond) “Oh, the family is doing good.”(Friend ask) “How’s work?” (You respond) “Oh, same ole, same ole.” (Friend says) “Well it was great talking to you, we should try to get together soon.” (You respond) “Sure! Let’s get something on the calendar for next week.” You both agree, but next week turns into two months and no connection has been made.

But, do we honestly convey the “real” conditions of our hearts to our love ones?

I know I don’t; at least, not all the time. And my reasons for not being so liberal with my heart are… fear, judgement, lack of support/understanding.

I believe that is why God gave me this simple affirmation; to correct my heart. The need for controlling the outcome of what people think of my goals and dreams are not in my hand anymore. They are in Gods. He knows my heart’s desire. And if I let go of just one root of fear. Or, one root of judgement at a time His light will shine through the things I do do by trusting Him.

I invite you to do the same.

Until next time…