Journaling Tips to Help You Thrive!


You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are!

In times like today, LIFE just throws ALL types of things at you. Instead of surrendering to every fiery dart thrown your way; change your perspective on life and clear up those inner thoughts with good ole' fashion journaling.

Make certain your journal stay private with the goal that you are composing for your eyes only.


1. Start writing about where you are in your life at this moment.

Describe your current situation, your work, and your relationships. Are you right where you want to be?

2. For five to ten minutes simply begin writing in a "continuous flow."

Try not to alter your thoughts or emotions and don't correct your grammar.

3. Begin a dialogue with your inner child by writing in your subdominant hand.

Answer with your dominant hand. What issues arise?

4. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by maintaining a daily list of things you appreciate, including uplifting quotes.

When you feel down you can read through it for a lift of appreciation and satisfaction.

5. Start a journal of self-portraits.

You can take pictures, draw colors or shapes or collage images. Learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are today.