It is Well Wednesday: When to Pause!

When to Pause!

The definition of “Pause” is to cease or suspend an action temporarily. When we take on too much we lose – clarity. And simple decisions and actions becomes convoluted.

I want to share with you 10 simple insights I found extremely helpful from the book “The Power of Pause”, by Terry Hershey.

There is more to life than merely increasing its speed – Mohandas Gandhi

  1. Rested Mules: Having a moment of clarity in a Topsy turvy string of unfortunate circumstances. Your “rested mule”could be… Gardening, walking, listening to music, cleaning, etc. The point is to “Pause” from a torment of fast acting decisions and allow yourself – REST.
  2. Fully Alive: Being fully alive is having a good knowledge of self and risking BIG. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Trust the stillness of “Pause” to navigate a new chapter of living.
  3. Love or Fear: According to the “Power of Pause”, “fear rearranges our world.” But, love covers and heals all wounds. Be vigilant to “Pause” for love. Make a decision to forgive.
  4. Glory in the Gray: It appears nowadays that things have to be either “right” or “wrong”, but we forget theirs an area of “gray”. It’s at the gray intersection that we should consider a “Pause” to gain perspective. Remember not all things are always “black” or “white”.
  5. Losing What I Don’t Need: Too much clutter can be hazardous to the power of “Pause”. This obstruction of “messiness” can block the keys of positivity from your life.
  6. It’s the Little Things: Moving too fast through life you tend to miss the “little things”. “Pause” to see what’s around you. Take in the sky, listen intently to the signing of a bird, stare at the stars at night. Pause for a sunset…
  7. Pause Button: You are running on reserve power and you need to recharge. The “Pause Button” is the permission you give yourself to reboot. It’s no different than your mobile device. When it’s at 6% you plug it into its power source. Well, you have to plug into your power source too.
  8. Bless Me:Doing nothing may be one of the hardest things anyone can do. Yet, by doing nothing, you’ve given “Pause”, for time to pass. Usually when enough time has passed, doing nothing, actually fixes the circumstance.
  9. Enough: There’s a lot that grabs our attention. Sometime making us pursue “more”. Know when to “Pause” and be content with what you have. This moment of stillness out weights any unwarranted attention snatchers.
  10. The Balanced Life: Wanting it “all” is a story many of us heard. But, with great rewards, comes a lot of sacrifice. To balance life revisit insight number seven, six and nine. By continuously plugging into the “source” of God; taking a moment to “Pause” for the little things in life, and knowing when it is “Enough”. Will keep your life in balance.

Until next time…

DISCLAIMER: The definitions above are my interpretation of the subheadings pulled directly from “The Power of Pause”.