It is Well Wednesday: 5 Tips On Contentment


When I thought of these tips, I was walking around the park. Enjoying an afternoon of great weather for this time of year.

I thought about how peaceful and exhilarating the walking trail was… The air was warm, the sky – a crystal blue; then my eyes landed on the leaves. Their rich colors of bright orange, deep reds and yellows – announcing “Fall” is here. And for the first time in a long time I felt free.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how freeing it is just to be me. By removing my responsibilities for 15 minutes and slowing down. I recapture a small slice of peace and with that I want to share with you how you can recapture your contentment.

Tip 1

Remember You

Before you enter into Mom/Dad mode. Take 5 minutes to pray. Be grateful you are alive! There’s a purpose for your life and an assignment for you to fulfill. By giving 5 minutes over to God in prayer, you’ve aligned your heart to be content in whatever lies ahead.

Tip 2

Slow Down

Being too busy is now the “new normal”. But it doesn’t have to be. Take 5 minutes to be still. Invite peace into your life through a simple breathing technique. Place your hand over your heart and listen intently to the beating of your heart. For 5 minutes you’ve just slowed down the pace of the day.

Tip 3


Many of us forget that a smile is inviting. It promotes an atmosphere of happiness and contentment. Strive to smile continuously throughout the day. This will lead to contentment and maybe even a new friend.

Tip 4


Take 5 minutes out of the day to randomly show kindness to a complete stranger. This kind of love is agape love. Agape love is the highest form of love, especially brotherly/sisterly love. Also, remember to tell your loved ones daily that you love them. Love is the simplest form of contentment.

Tip 5


A giving heart is a content heart. Give with no regards to getting anything in return… and you will be blessed immensely.

Until next time…