Friday’s In the Know: My Life as a Diabetic Child


The Misconception about Type-1 Diabetes

Kids with diabetes were given a chance to share their stories to the world at an event hosted by Columbia Asia Hospital.

The event, “My Life as a Diabetic Child”, was the hospital’s most recent initiative to celebrate the lives of diabetic youngsters.

It additionally marked the end of a series of events held in conjunction with World Diabetes Awareness Month and in a joint effort with Diabetes Malaysia.

Children aged under 16 with Type 1 diabetes wrote about their life experiences either in a poem or story format.

Type 1 diabetes is one of the most misconstrued diseases because it is quite rare and very uncommon. It does not have obvious physical symptoms.

The relatively low awareness of this type of diabetes also means there are many misconceptions.

“Columbia Asia’s commitment goes beyond treating the disease.

“A platform like this gives children with Type 1 diabetes an avenue to open up and share their world with us,” said Columbia Asia South-East Asia chief executive officer Kelvin Tan.

“Their stories will not only give the world a glimpse into the challenges they face, we hope it will also help the community understand them and their condition better.

For more information on how you can help, visit Columbia Asia Hopsital.

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