Friday’s In the Know: Local Church Raise Money for House in a Box


House in a Box: One Church took action to help 100 of families in Midland Texas.

As families around the Midlands recoup from the recent flood damage, one church is planning to help individuals get back on their feet by giving furniture.

“Water began coming in after the sump pumps fizzled, it came in through the ground and began coming in through the crawl space,” says Rachel Larrett.

Larrett is now assessing the damage done to her home and is looking to rebuild and replace the items she lost.

“You spend a lifetime getting furniture and a television and afterward unexpectedly in one day, it’s gone and you need to go and get the majority of this in one go, which adds up to an insane amount of cash,” says Larrett.

Her story is very well known to several families around the Midlands who lost everything. That is the reason the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Columbia is hoping to turn the greater part of that around by giving a “House in a Box.”

“It’s basically a decent starter kit for a new house,” says Russ Jones.

Jones with St Joseph says the “House in a Box” project will provide brand new furniture to families, including things like beds, dressers, couches, and kitchen supplies.

Jones says $50,000 can give furniture to 25 families. The congregation is hoping to help no less than 1,000 homeowners in the Midlands.

If you want to help the families in Midland go to their Go-Fund-Me Campaign to learn how.