Friday’s In the Know: A Random Act of Kindness

Simple Note on Restaurant Receipt Leaves Mom and Dad in Tears


The parents of a 21-year-old with cerebral palsy were moved to tears after two kind outsiders paid for their family’s feast. Caryn Thomas was dining with her spouse and child at an Arvada, Colorado, Red Robin on Monday before making a beeline for the supermarket, she wrote in a post on the 9News Facebook page. In the note, she portrays herself and her spouse as “proud parents of a 21-year-old astonishing young fellow who happens to have cerebral palsy.”The dinner advanced like some other, she says. “I got up and started our son’s tube feeding as [our meals] arrived,” Thomas wrote. “We enjoyed our meal, [our waiter] ensuring we had enough tea and water, ensuring our food was as we requested [it]. Later dropping by to check whether we any room left for some of their new sweets, however, being full we say not today.”

Yet, the night took an exceptional turn toward the end of the feast, when the server came with the check. “His eyes were shimmering and smile wide. He let us know that when we arrived, a couple had called him over to their table and let him know they would be paying for our dinner, yet to not tell us until they left. Nick gave me the receipt, [where] they had left us a note,” Thomas wrote. The message on the receipt read: “It’s so lovely to see families united in Love. God Bless. — Brenda and George Pappas”


(Top photo: Facebook/Caryn Thomas)

The Pappas family may have been outsiders, however Thomas says she’ll always remember them. “The individuals who know me know tears were falling,” she wrote. “My spouse’s eyes welled up. [Our waiter] said he had heard about these random demonstrations of kindness, but had never been a part of one. Made him feel good as well.”

Presently, Thomas wants the thoughtful couple to know that their generosity does not go unappreciated.”We simply wanted to tell Brenda and George Pappas that their demonstration touched our hearts,” she wrote.


This “Friday’s in the Know” is near and dear to my heart. I have a child with special needs. My child has… Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hearing and vision impairment, non-verbal and does not walk.

As a parent with a child with special needs. It does my heart good to “see” people respond to families like the Thomas’s with kindness.

Often families like ours, face more stares and whispers instead of a sincere smile. Or paying for a meal.

I would like to salute the Pappas for their random act of kindness. Its these small reminders that love is eminent in the world.