Beyond Sunday: Entitlement



Entitlement. Who deserves what and from whom? As it relates to relationships between people, the answer to this question can determine our success and satisfaction in this life and beyond…..

To be entitled is simply to possess a right, however, there is no such thing as a right without a corresponding responsibility. He who grants a right also retains the power to dictate its exercise and withdraw the privilege at will. As such, the founding father’s acknowledged at minimum, the Creator has endowed each of us with a natural right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” albeit the entitled were limited to the population of free male landowners. Although justice demanded the beneficiaries of this entitlement expand, the self interested nature of man also demanded the scope of entitlements expand to encompass every lascivious desire imaginable. That is, not only do I possess an affirmative right to something, but it has become the responsibility of another to ensure I attain, maintain, and if need be, attain said entitlement repeatedly. This, ladies and gents is not the crisis of democracy, it is the condition of unredeemed man.

Entitlement outside of the kingdom of God becomes a mockery when the masses move to assert a right without embracing the consequences each right entails. Conversely, what the Father provides he also assigns purpose: we are blessed to be a blessing, made free to serve, forgiven to forgive. Show me your list of kingdom benefits and I’ll detail, God’s expectation for each. In the earth, our ever increasing lists of rights are slowly creating fiscal and moral bankruptcy: in Christ, every right becomes another opportunity to demonstrate ourselves faithful stewards, accountable to He who empowers and enables us as ambassadors of His rule.

The Apostle Paul sums it up well in the letter to the Philippians where he declares my dependence does not rest in man: all that I require for liberty and every provision for my assignment in this life is sourced and sustained by God in Christ. In his letter to the Hebrews, he goes on to declare that our contentment does not lie in an ever expanding list of rights to exercise or entitlements granted, but in the confidence that our God is with and for us!

The Source and Sustainer of my life
My God, my King has paid the price
To him I’ll yield my every right
In quiet trusting, this is my might!

Content Submitted by: L. Averhart